Named after Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters’ bus, this album is full of psychedelic imagery created from the passenger side of various vehicles. The majority of the photographs were made while driving to and from music venues with my last band. I set my camera shutter on “bulb” and explored the light trails that resulted from various combinations of movement. I did not do any post-processing other than a quick brightness/contrast dial. Even the idea of cropping them seems like a betrayal. I remember vividly the feeling of being on the open road with great friends. There was usually loud music blaring and the music always played a large part in the movement of the camera.  We were lucky if our earnings from playing a show would cover our gas, and sometimes the only people there to hear us play were the other bands on the bill, but we never travelled so much that I got tired of it. The exact feeling was intangible and making a respectable photograph in a dark car at 3AM after playing a beer-soaked dive was out of the question. So, instead I made these.