About Me


My ultimate goal is for a picture to be honest, to capture the essence of that moment. Good photography is always a collaboration between the photographer and the subject. I like to get to know my clients first and foremost and discuss ideas. I always come armed with more equipment than I need and then I use as little as possible.

When shooting events I like to take the role of an observer and capture as many candid moments as possible. I keep alert and move quickly to capture action. I supplement these action shots with scene-setting shots and drill down to the details. What you will have is a variety of different shots that tell the story. Your story.

I do this because I love it. I take great pride in my work and understand that the most important part of my job is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. If I’ve done my job right and you are comfortable and enjoying yourself, the photos will show it.

I look forward to working with you on your next project or event.


I first discovered the world of photography at the age of 15. In an attempt to keep me away from teenage summer antics my mother enrolled me in a B&W photography class at the local community college. I was so hooked, I spent the rest of high school in a darkroom only to come out when nature called and to gather source material.

In 1999, shortly after high-school I got my first photography gig: shooting interest pieces for a weekly newspaper – The Rising Sun Herald in MD. It was brief. Then from 2004-2008, I assisted on photo shoots for Gottlieb Photo, and became the Workshop Manager at Horizon Photography Workshops. During 50 or so workshops per year with over a dozen amazing instructors, I tried to soak up as many tricks of the trade as possible. Skills I put into practice to this day as a freelance photographer.

I am now living in Portland, Oregon. As a musician myself I enjoy working with fellow musicians, artisans and other creative individuals to showcase their work and craft. I also routinely work with couples, families and commercial clients.